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UpVisit Content Management System

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UpVisit GmbH

In the UpVisit Content Management System (CMS), UpVisit customers can create and manage all the content that is displayed in their profile in the UpVisit app. Museums, shops, showrooms, fairs and other customers can use the CMS to write information articles, upload audios and videos, create interactive floor plans or product photos, create games and much more.

The CMS offers an instant preview for most features so that customers can directly see how their created content will look in the app. The app and CMS are linked via a common backend, so that by clicking the "Publish" button in the CMS, all content is instantly available to end users in the app.

As the sole UI/UX designer in the UpVisit team, I am responsible for the entire conception and design of the CMS along all product development cycles. As with the UpVisit app, I take into account requirements and feedback from clients and investors as well as UpVisit management, sales teams and content teams.

UpVisit CMS - Scribbles, wireframes and user flows
UpVisit CMS - Design system
UpVisit CMS - Publishing UpVisit places
UpVisit CMS - Basic information
UpVisit CMS - Content items
UpVisit CMS - Interactive graphics
UpVisit CMS - Audio tours
UpVisit CMS - Gamification

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