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Bachelor’s Thesis Project

Procrastination, meaning the voluntary delay of intended tasks despite knowing this will lead to negative consequences, is a very prevalent phenomenon amongst students. It has negative effects on the academic performance and mental health of the sufferers.

In my bachelor’s thesis project, I designed an app to support students in reducing their procrastinatory tendencies, without in return procrastinating on this task as well. Using a human-centred design process, I based the concept and design of the application on findings from a literature research and on an interview study with potential users. Different design methods were used for the creation of the application, paying special attention to a positive user experience.

The resulting smartphone app helps students with their time and task management. The fundamental principle of the app is that the user creates so-called timeboxes, during which he will work on his tasks. Inside these timeboxes, he saves the specific tasks. The concept and design of the app are based on the metaphor of mountaineering. The semester classes are seen as metaphorical mountains which the user has to climb. The artificial intelligence of the app, the mentor, supports the user in reducing his procrastinatory tendencies by learning about the problems and needs of the user and offering personalised help.

StudyPeak App - Description
StudyPeak App - Overview of Funcionality
StudyPeak App - Functionality 'Today'
StudyPeak App - Functionality 'Calendar'
StudyPeak App - Artificial Intelligence 'Mentor'
StudyPeak App - Design Process
StudyPeak App - Persona
StudyPeak App - Design Scenario
StudyPeak App - Information Architecture and Scribbles
StudyPeak App - Bachelor's Thesis Cover
StudyPeak App - Bachelor's Thesis Chapter Introduction
StudyPeak App - Bachelor's Thesis Scribbles

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