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In the UpVisit app, owners or employees of local places such as museums, shops, showrooms or trade fairs can publish multimedia content and make it available to their visitors. This includes, for example, interactive floor plans or product images, audio guides, learning content and much more. Visitors can thus explore places independently on a deeper level, while the platform solution saves places the cost and time of developing their own app.

In my role as the sole UX/UI designer at UpVisit, I am responsible for the conception and design of the app. I work closely with the marketing department, which brings customer feedback and new feature requests to the product team. I am also in constant close communication with the developers to create a clean handover and documentation of my designs.

Since UpVisit is a small start-up, we work highly iteratively and in fast sprint cycles. To keep up with the pace, I developed a design system very early on with basic styles as well as elaborated components. This saves effort and costs in both design and development.

As the only design employee, I have been responsible for the entire design process of the project from the very beginning. From the benchmark analysis to the first UX concept, creation of the branding, user flows, wireframes, UI designs, dev handoff to the execution of the first user tests.

As a start-up, the company culture at UpVisit is extremely agile, requirements are constantly changing. This is also reflected in the design process: new features are designed and implemented in short sprints and fresh feedback is incorporated. In this way, the product is constantly evolving and adapting to the new needs of customers and investors.

UpVisit App - Design process
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