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Annota is an elegant Antiqua designed to be easily legible and therefore suitable for longer texts. She is inspired by the characteristics of the pointed nib in calligraphy. Her classical construction and the serifs ensure the eyes do not fatigue when reading. Straight and round elements combined with asymmetry create a harmonious overall appearance.

The design was inspired by the piano and classical music. To ensure being free in finding of the form, the design process started with sketches. The sketches were then digitised in Adobe Illustrator and imported into the TypeTool by FontLab, where the letter spacing and kerning were defined.

Annota description
Annota glyphs
Annota sketches
Annota anchors and handles in Illustrator
Annota special details
Annota inspiration classical music
Annota details
Annota example text
Annota details letter g

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