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Exhibition concept and design
University Project
Collaborators: Doreen St. Pierre, Kathrin Werner

Richtungswechsel, or change of direction, is the concept for an interactive exhibition in the public library in Stuttgart, Germany. Topic of the exhibition is the evolution of navigation. The information is displayed on panels and glass boxes which are mounted on a rope construction and placed in front of windows. The windows can be accessed via the extensive staircase on the other side of all four walls, looking into the main room. The visitor navigates the exhibition with the help of a digital device, collecting points to be able to access the highlight and conclusion of the exhibition: a driving simulator located in the centre of the main room.

For the presentation, the concept was visualised in a 3D model, which could be explored using VR goggles. A 3D printed prototype of the digital companion was used for reference. In addition to the actual exhibition, we also developed a communication strategy including the design of promotional communication media. The final delivery also included a printed project documentation.

Richtungswechsel floor plan
Richtungswechsel concept visualisation
Richtungswechsel render main room
Richtungswechsel render information columns
Richtungswechsel render staircase
Richtungswechsel screenshot 3D model in Cinema 4D
Richtungswechsel navigation device render and 3D print
Richtungswechsel digital marketing channels
Richtungswechsel documentation first page
Richtungswechsel documentation page flip

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